Every little Beat? Beat of what you ask. Wings, drums, trashcan lids…nope. Heart beats. Something each one of our bodies has and does. We each have a heart and they all beat, a lot! Think about it, feel it. Press your index and middle finger to the inside of your wrist, thumb side. Apply a little pressure. You may have to bend your wrist or adjust your fingers slightly, but it’s there…I promise.

70-100 times a minute. For the average person, that’s how often their heart beats. Okay, great…yippie….big deal…my heart beats just like everyone else. It is a big deal, a very big deal. I never thought so either, until the day my life changed forever. I realized that my heart beating was one of the many wonderous amazing little things I was missing out on. It took a life threatening illness to teach me the value of every little thing, to be grateful for the blessings I do have and to be courageous enough to chase the things I want from this life.

I am a nurse, momma, daughter, sister, friend and chronic heart failure patient. My goal is the maybe help someone else who is or has walked a similar path. I’ll tell you my story, the good the bad and the ugly. I want to speak my truth, so you lucky internet browsers will get to see my mistakes and my faults (of which there are many) but also my achievements and blessing (of which there are also many).


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